Face Book With A Hole – Four Emotions (2011)

Full Title Face Book With A Hole – Four Emotions / 구멍난 얼굴북 – 희노애락

Borrowing a classic children’s book format (die-cut book), where viewers see a part of next page through a hole, I intended to create a series of faces that lead into one another. I wanted to share and mix visual and emotional traits among different people.

Photo Contributors
Adam Horwitch | Diego Chavarro Ayala | Greg Horwitch | Irena Romendik | Jimin Ryu (Yookyung Lee) | Jisoo Choo (Yeon Ah Park) | Junghye Ryu | Kiho Kim | Koji Matsuda | Kyungsun Cho | Malcolm Rowe | Melody Twins (Jeehwan Kim) | Michael Chaveriat | Olaaf Rossi | Peichen Chen | Rachel Bialik | Rafale Chang | Ralph Brill | Rikayo Horimizu | Suna Ruren | Susanne Ikekpolor | Tina Chou (Faye Chou) | Will Lee | Xu Xu | Yikyu Choe | Yuliya Karniyevich

Constructed Faces


Exhibition History
Personal Culture @ SpaceWomb Gallery, Long Island City, NY, Jan-Feb 2013
Emotional Block @ Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY, May-June 2012
Drag_ON NY @ ArtGate Gallery, New York, NY, Jan-Feb 2012
Best of Best @ Sang Sang Madang, Seoul, Korea, Nov 2011