Emotional Block: This Block is Rotatable (2012)

There are times that I feel as if my head is stuck in a small shoebox, a fish tank or a hole in the wall. I fear that I simply cannot get out of it. It feels like my brain is trapped there and I am the only one who doesn’t realize that this feeling is temporary. This dread continues to grow, and it starts to occupy the whole universe in my imagination.

I wanted to visualize this emotional block that many people, especially those working in creative fields, experience and allow them to have control over their block. People can freely rotate the block and reveal the four sides of a person who seems stuck in his own world.

MaxMSPJitter application, Arduino Circuit (Xbees, Hall Effect Sensors), Video Projection on a custom built screen embedded in a transparent cube and a wall.

Actor: Koji Matsuda | Installation assistance: Koji Matsuda, Adam Horwitch | Pedestals: Malcolm Rowe

Emotional Block

Four Perspectives (Front – Left – Rear – Right)

Installation Videos

Documentation on the Xbee Wireless Communication : Link

Design of the cube

Press Release 

Soho20 Chelsea Gallery

Exhibition History
Emotional Block @ Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY, May-June 2012

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