Visualizing The Invisible (2017)

Visualizing The Invisible | Text in PDF During the Interim workshop Visualizing The Invisible, we endeavored to look at natural phenomena (namely time, water, magnetic fields and wind) with a fresh perspective and learn from the invisible cues that Nature gives us. How can we visualize time other than by the numbers on a clock? What does…

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Plus Belle Haleine (2016)

Background 2016 marks the centennial anniversary of Dadaism. I contributed to Dadaclub‘s initiative that celebrates the beginning of this conceptual art movement (Published online here) by revisiting the original artworks made in those era. I created “Plus Belle Haleine” based on Man Ray’s work “Belle Haleine”. (View Original) Concept With my limited French language knowledge,…

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Magnetic Field Drawing (2016)

Ongoing Project. Images created from a magnetic field visualization app. Made with MaxMSP, Arduino circuit with a magnetometer and everyday objects (a nail clipper, a ladle, scissors, fridge magnets, an AAA battery, etc) interfering the local magnetic field. Made for a K-12 STEAM workshop in Korea.

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Face Book With A Hole – Four Emotions (2011)
Experiment, Toy

Full Title Face Book With A Hole – Four Emotions / 구멍난 얼굴북 – 희노애락 Concept Borrowing a classic children’s book format (die-cut book), where viewers see a part of next page through a hole, I intended to create a series of faces that lead into one another. I wanted to share and mix visual…

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Weather / Neighborhood Project (2010)

Description After participating in the HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa Festival, I grew interested in projecting images on various natural environment. Depending on the location and the given weather, interesting visual effect can be created. Cloudy sky can be very interesting canvas, as can the ever changing falling snow. Here are some experiments on a snowy…

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TypoBlok (2007)

Elevator pitch TypoBlok is a building block toy that can create typefaces through play. Idea development I started this project while taking Judith Landsman‘s typography class at Parsons School of Design (Spring 2007). My goal was to create a 3-dimensional box that uses either one letter or one word as a design element. Instead, I used…

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