Choir Xylophone (2003)

Elevator pitch
Choir Xylophone is an interactive musical toy that uses singer’s visual image and sound to represent each note of the instrument. Each note comes with its own visual icon.

Interactivity to the video and sound
Speaking from cliche, editing is often the most interesting and thrilling part when I make videos, because the whole story/mood could be totally different depending on how I put the small pieces together.
In this project, I wanted to add an interactivity to the process of creating videos. By tapping on this instrument, users view the videos of singing people that they spontaneously put together.

User scenario
The harder users hit the metal, the louder the music plays and the bigger the image appears. Users also have freedom of bringing up different videos for each note by alternating between the three buttons given.

View video from installation (.mov format / You need to turn on the speakers)
Xylophone in action (708k / 00’17”)

Choir Xylophone (made with metal and wood) is running on a custom-built electronic circuit (basic-programmed Pic Microcontroller and sensors). The instrument talks to a computer (software written with Max/MSP/Jitter) through Midi connection. It makes use of image projection and sound processing.

Exhibition history ITP show: Winter 2003