Piano: Face Jumble (2013)


Play music. Jumble face.

This piece started as a sequel to Face Book with a Hole where I borrowed the idea of a die-cut book that connects a page to the next via a hole on a page. I intended to convey the connection between human emotions by creating connected faces in the book. In Piano: Face Jumble, I expand the project emotionally and visually by using the form of a musical instrument that allows multiple inputs simultaneously beyond the confinement of connected pages on a book.

In Piano: Face Jumble, a series of notes played by a performer interactively creates a face. It mixes up to 10 different faces and create a new face on each play, by dividing the screen into parts.



Exhibition History
Arte Laguna Prize Finalists Exhibition, Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice, Italy, Mar-April 2014
Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY, Sep 2013
Between The Clouds @ Shin Museum, Cheongju, Korea, Sep-Dec 2013
Projections in New Media (Currents New Media Festival) @ Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, June-July 2013
Personal Culture @ SpaceWomb Gallery, Long Island City, NY, Jan-Feb 2013

Press Release
Dumbo Arts Festival Project Page
Zane Bennett Gallery

Press Coverage
DigitalArti – Dumbo Arts Festival 2013: Dressed up to get messed up, 2013