Wishing Light Bridge (2008)

“Wishing light bridge” is a mural of low-tech light sculptures that invite people to share their thoughts. Adopting the custom of coin throwing to make a wish, “Wishing Light Bridge” encourages individuals to write down their wishes, turn the light on with a coin and collaboratively decorate the space with the light panel. We hope to transform the river into a bulletin board, reconnecting it with the community.


Collaborator Rikayo Horimizu

Medium&Tech: LED, coin-switch, plexis, carpentering

On Hoosac River
“The Hoosac River was the life blood of North Adams in the 1800s. Because the wild river caused lots of flood damage, the River was reset in the concrete channel in the 1950s by the U.S. Government. Most people today don’t know there is a River there or consider it a drainage ditch. Hoosac River Lights is meant to celebrate the Hoosac River and Spring. ”
– Ralph Brill @BRILL GALLERY, the organizer of [Hoosac River Lights]

Having learned the local history, we thought of transforming the Hoosac River into an open environment for people to meet and talk with others from their community. A simple yet engaging element of interaction was important to the creation of this project.

Wishing tree to Wishing bridge
Our initial inspiration came from the “Wishing tree”. A “Wishing tree” is, in many Asian cultures, where people hang a piece of paper with their wish written down and pray to nature so that their wishes are granted. We applied this same idea to the bridge.

Coin toss to wish
Adding on to the initial idea, we included the ritual coin-toss as a means of interaction. However, instead of throwing a coin, we came up with an idea to use a coin (penny: copper) as the switch to make a final connection in a small electronic circuit of the lighting.


Exhibition history
Hoosac River Lights, North Adams, MA, April 2008

Press coverage
Transcript, April 2008
iBerkshire.com, April 2008
berkshireEagle.com, April 2008