VideoWorks (2002-2003)

Description Collection of non-narrative video projects experimenting with moving images and sound (2002-2003)

Park Reconstructing the Washington Square Park in a 2D space
View video (2.4MB / 00’58”)

Sunday in the Park Rebuilding the park again in a 3D space (3D modeled in lightwave)
View video (1.8MB / 00’45”)

Times Square Distorting the images and sounds taken from the Times Square and creating a new virtual space
(Collaboration with Hyunjean Lee)
View video (9.2MB / 03’49”)

Floating Planet Creating a virtual space, floating planet (3D modeled in lightwave, interactivity achieved via Virtools)
View video (2.6MB / 01’13”)

Break the wall and walk away Challenging the definition of time and space in video
View video (4.1MB / 01’48”)

AEIOU Creating musical composition with video
View video (1.9MB / 00’47”)

A Study on my ass Deceiving what people see in the screen
View video (1.2MB / 00’33”)