Sketching on Mt. Greylock (2011)

Full Title Sketching on Mt. Greylock – Return of Charley

Description Outdoor projection with performance to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the publication of Moby-Dick, written by Herman Melville.

2011 is the 160th Anniversary of the publication of Moby-Dick which was written at Melville’s farm home Arrowhead in Pittsfield, MA. “Charley” lived in the Barn which is still there. Melville bought this property in 1850 because of its special view towards Mt. Greylock. From Melville’s Study at Arrowhead in March of 1851 the snow covered mountain looked like a whale and this reinforced the Moby-Dick theme. When Melville ran out of paper while writing this famous book, it was “Charley” who pulled the sleigh the 17 miles to Crane’s Paper Mill in Dalton and back which saved the day.
– from Ralph Brill, Brill Gallery

Collaborators Rikayo Horimizu, Ganesh Ramanathan, Marafanyi Drummers with Brill Gallery

Made with Flash Animation, 3D Animation and Sound Bites that are found online or created by the artists

Documentation Video
With Marafanyi Drummers

Stills from the documentation

Exhibition history
Cariddi Mill, North Adams, MA, Oct 2011

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