Faces With A Hole: The Infinite Loop (2012)

Full Title Faces With A Hole – Happy, Angry, Joyful, Sad: The Infinite Loop / 구멍난 얼굴들: 무한루프

Single Channel Video + Sound, Video/Sound controlled by MaxMSPJitter.
This piece is meant to have no clear beginning nor ending.
It intends to loop infinitely with 20 % chances of going back to the previous emotion.

Human emotion is never stationary and bound to change, affected by different factors that we encounter on a daily basis.
At one moment, we feel content then we can run into situations that trigger severe anger. We then might find something in life that is fun and joyful. But we have to accept unexpected sadness that comes after.
Our life proceeds with the infinite loop of emotional changes.

Installation View

– Show Documentation Photo Credit: Kyoung-Yun Ho, Ganesh Ramanathan
– Equipment Sponsored by Ganesh Ranamathan, Lauren Weidner
– Flat screen installed by Malcolm Rowe

Exhibition History
Drag_ON NY @ ArtGate Gallery, New York, NY, Jan-Feb 2012

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